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Aug 15, 2018

Prayer For TCB Ministry


Edited: Aug 15, 2018

If TCB has helped you in your walk with God, pray that this brand can do the same in someone else's life! 

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  • Hey guys! Thank you so much for visiting this site. I created TrustChristBro years ago to bring hope and love to the social media world. I am a huge social media fan, but there's so much garbage on it - so instead of just complaining about it, I've done my best to change it. I've received so many DM's about how the TrustChristBro page has made a difference in people's lives - and that is NOT because I'm anything special, it's all about the power that Christ Jesus instills in us as believers. However, God has put it into my heart to do more with TrustChristBro (TCB). So I am now officially creating it as a brand and ministry that goes beyond social media. It has been a long journey, and a process that I have prayed about countless times. Will you join me in prayer that God will use this brand and ministry for his glory? Pray that the love Christ will be so evident. Pray that God will use this brand in anyway that He desires. Thank you so much for your support and even more for your prayers. I love you all!! TrustChristBro -Ryan